Risk Management

Managing Your Risk 

Guzmán Legal Solutions can help with your law firm with its risk management needs. Law firm risk management encourages a proactive approach to law firm operations and compliance with your legal ethical duties. Risk management requires an understanding of a law firm’s business goals, law practice mission, and tolerance for risk. When a lawyer or law firm has a risk management plan in place, law firms are better able to meet client needs thus improving client satisfaction and reducing the possibility of fee disputes, malpractice or State Bar complaints. GLS provides compliance guidance to establish best practices that are tailored to your firm. Our risk management services include, but not limited to, reviews of conflict of interest procedures, case management practices, and use of technology.

How we can help?

Guzmán Legal Solutions supports your law firm’s risk management needs, which can help reduce your financial loss. When a law firm works with GLS, we identify the risk exposure, such as a conflict of interest, business processes, and technology procedures. GLS develops operational procedures for law firms and solos that reduce risk. When an issue arises, we proactively work with clients to contain the risk and defend your interests.

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