Admissions & Moral Character 

Admissions & Moral Character

Law students and attorney lateral know that admission to the State Bar of California does not end after one passes the California State Bar Exam. Admission to the State Bar of California is three-part process, the passing of the Bar exam and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam and a positive finding moral character. While most applicants sail through the moral character process without incident, some applicants must admit to their past indiscretions, such as criminal convictions, past litigation, and financial debt. Many bar applicants find the admission of their indiscretions embarrassing, yet disclosing the indiscretion is not enough. The applicant’s past is not only reviewed under a moral turpitude standard, but the Committee of Bar Examiners also reviews the disclosure itself from an honesty and candor standard. Thus, a moral character applicant can disclose the incidents in a manner that does not meet the requirements of the State Bar. We can help you with your initial application, subsequent inquiries from the Committee of Bar Examiners, and the informal interview.

Out of State Lawyers

The State Bar of California allows non-California attorneys to practice in California under the supervision of a California licensed attorney. Out of state attorneys can practice law in California either as Legal Services Provider, Registered In-House Counsel (“RIHC”), or attorneys practicing temporarily in California. All attorneys who fall into these categories must complete a Moral Character and Fitness application and receive a positive determination from the Committee of Bar Examiners. GLS assists attorney laterals in their moral application process.

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